Swedish r’n’b/pop artist Zikai has shared her new single Stay This Way featuring Jim Ouma, the follow up to Twenty Something.

After her previous single focused on hedonism and lack of direction in early adulthood, Stay This Way dives firmly into nostalgia.

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In addition to Jim Ouma, the track also features Kes Kross whose previous collaborations have included Rihanna and Nile Rodgers.

The single marks a reflection on longing to turn back time, returning to a point which has passed.  The track is filled with Afropop beats.  Speaking about the track Zikai explains, “Stay This Way is about a time in my life that felt so simple and free.  The song allows me to look back to a happy time that I never wanted to change. I wrote it two years ago, but it feels particularly relevant now.”

2020 saw Zikai release her debut seven track EP Make You Mine, with sounds drawing on cinematic soul, R&B, pop crossover and disco, whilst prominently incorporating African pop.  She has also featured on Mullally’s Fire, co-wrote Hush for Yellow Claw and Weird Genius, and joined SVEA for a new take on Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music.