Nick Murphy has returned with his latest Chet Faker project release Get High.

The track follows October’s release of Low as her revived his acclaimed project.

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The track mixed funk-fuelled beats, soul grooves and vocals to offer a take on needing a break from current mindsets.  Get High was written solely, produced and performed by Murphy.

Speaking about the track he explains, “Sometimes you just need a break. I find myself wanting to escape just for a little while and the song sort of showed up on its own.”

The track is accompanied by a kaleidoscopic-paint-pastiche video, which depicts Murphy at (and on top of) his piano while bright and vivid colours flash in time to the song’s upbeat rhythm.

Murphy originally debuted his Chet Faker project in 2012 with the Thinking in Textures EP.  The EP lead to a string of awards and studio album, before in 2016 he started releasing under his own name.  Chet Faker was brought back to the fore in October 2020.