Want to feature on Live Manchester?  We’ve got two Spotlight segments open to musicians, actors, singers, songwriters and artists around the world.

In The Spotlight:

If you want to do an quick interview with Live Manchester to introduce you as an artist, get in touch with us.  The In The Spotlight series is designed to showcase artists from around the world.  We’ll do a quick interview with you and can include a video of you performing, explaining your creative process or anything else you feel is relevant.  Take part in our In The Spotlight series.

Spotlight Video:

Want to showcase a new single, EP or album?  In our Spotlight Video series you can record a version of the track and we’ll share it across our website and social media channels.  We’ll include graphics to cover information such as social media addresses, band members’ names, upcoming releases, crowdfunding campaigns and random facts about you.  The Spotlight Video series is open to acts from across the globe.