The huge Spike Island festival to commemorate one of the UK’s most legendary gigs has been postponed until July 2021.

The Stone Roses‘ era-defining gig at Spike Island in Cheshire was set to be repeated by The Clone Roses with Spike Island – The Resurrection.  Originally set for 16 May, 30 years after the huge event, the festival was first pushed until 12 September 2020 but will now be held on Saturday 24 July 2021.

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A statement from the organisers, Lightbulb Festival, reads, “This year we were due to take you all back to the year 1990, when seminal Manchester band The Stone Roses played what is now considered one of the most legendary gigs of all time at Spike Island in Widnes. Spike Island – The Resurrection will give those who were at the original show a chance to relive that moment, and those who missed it an opportunity to experience it first hand.

“We’d dreamed about putting on this event for years, patiently waiting for the 30th anniversary year to roll around, but unfortunately – it won’t be happening in 2020. A few months ago, we were hopeful that September would be possible but following the uncertainty around large scale events this year, we’ve had to move Spike Island – The Resurrection to Saturday 24th July 2021.

“This has been an incredibly tough decision, especially after so many of you have shown so much support for our idea of recreating this incredible moment in 90s youth culture. But first and foremost we have a duty to ensure the safety of our attendees and staff, and that unfortunately is unattainable this year given the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Tickets for 2020 will automatically be rolled over into 2021, and whilst we do appreciate that not everybody will be able to make the new date, by holding on to your ticket you’re helping to support a small independent promotions team through a very tough period. If you’re unable to make the new date then refunds are available from your point of purchase.

“We’re now focusing our efforts on July 2021, making sure we can deliver the party of a lifetime for you.

“Standing shoulder to shoulder with your friends and singing the words to your favourite songs will feel more special than ever before when we return to normality, so please keep that vision in the forefront of your mind until next summer, when we meet for a celebration like no other on that infamous Widnes island…

“In the meantime, stay safe & look after each other.

“One love.”