Baby Godzilla seemed almost like they were on an unstoppable journey, until that is the real Godzilla stepped in and stomped all over them. Toho Limited, the Japanese film company who own the rights to the Godzilla franchise, insisted the band stop using the ‘Godzilla’ name immediately or suffer financially crippling consequences. Beaten but not broken, the band rose like a particularly delinquent phoenix from the flames and re-christened themselves HECK. The name may have changed but the aim remains the same, to deliver the same level of white-hot deranged brutal noise and create wide-spread pandemonium in venues, fields and tents across the world.

Heck are now finally primed to catapult their debut album ‘Instructions’ at the world, scheduled to be released March 11th through NPAG Industries.

“Good As Dead is a song about refusing to compromise,” states vocalist and guitarist Matt Reynolds.  “Apathy is exhausting. It will strip you of your vitality and make you lose your hunger. Get angry and stay angry.”

With the trials and tribulations of 2015 behind them, 2016 promises to be a breakthrough year for HECK. ‘Instructions’ is the most ambitious statement of their career-to-date, providing an uncompromising blueprint for chaos that will no doubt see the band add to their already legendary list of live shows. They’ll be hitting the road in March with all the delicacy of an atom bomb, leaving a trail of fire, chaos and Jägermeister in their wake.

Heck perform at Manchester’s Star and Garter on 15 March 2016.

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Heck image credit Tom Martin