Litany has shared her new single Sleepover from upcoming EP Adult Movies, due out in August.

Sleepover marks the second release from the EP following Cream which picked up strong media attention.

Litany’s new EP follows a successful run of releases including Playlist, Uh-huh and Starsign and collaborations with Oscar Scheller and Joe Lycett.

New track Sleepover finds Litany embracing her alt-pop sound whilst looking at awkward relationships in the digital age.  As she explains, “You know when two best friends get drunk, sleep together and subsequently realise they’ve actually been crushing on each other forever but never talked about it until the morning after? That. Whilst I was letting my mind run away with how in love I now was with this person, they were freaking that they were gonna lose me as a friend and we shouldn’t sleepover again.”

The track is accompanied by a lyric video featuring cuts of Gossip Girl, focusing on the on/off relationship between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.

Litany co-wrote the five songs on the Adult Movies EP.  Adult Movies is due for release on 6 August 2021.