Ingrid Andress has announced the release of her sophomore album Good Person for 26 August.  The album features new song Pain which is out now accompanied by an official music video.

Three-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress premiered the new song on Apple Music’s New Music Daily just before her interview with Zane Lowe.

The album promises to find Ingrid Andress returning to the reflection and confession at the core of her Grammy-nominated debut Lady Like, but plunging even deeper.

Speaking about Good Person, Ingrid Andress, who co-writer and co-produced all 12 tracks, said, “Making this album was one of the most painful processes I’ve ever been through, but it was also the brightest and the best.  The first album was me trying to discover who I was as an artist, but the last two years forced me to really sink into what my reality was and what I was feeling. It led me to what this album is, which is me realizing I wasn’t happy and that I needed to fix it.  This album not only helped me grow as a person, but also as a producer. I realized how scared a lot of people are to push boundaries and how I am not, that’s my bread and butter.  Isn’t that the goal, to discover new things? What are we doing here if we’re not trying to make new art?”

New song Pain is also out now.  The track finds her speaking to a past version of herself, reminding her that pain is a necessary and inevitable part of growing.  The accompanying video is directed by Olivia Bee.

“Sometimes you find yourself in situations where you know it’s going to hurt terribly, but you have to go through with it,” Andress adds on the track. “This song is a reminder that it’s ok to feel sad and unhappy, but it won’t always be that way. In a way, ‘Pain’ is the crux of the album, transitioning from the dark to the light. Writing this song was really a cathartic experience, and it made me feel understood, like I was listening to myself.”

Good Person also features recently release Seeing Someone Else and title track Good Person which she performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Image of Ingrid Andress courtesy Olivia Bee