Vintage Crop will headline at Manchester’s Peer Hat on 5 July after releasing their fourth album Kibitzer, next week.

Kibitzer finds the band yielding a more melodic approach across the 10 tracks of punk, filled with riffs, beats and refrains.  It draws on an expanded sonic palette with rhythmic harmony and vocal melodies, as well as more considered song structures.

The album was written in response to the critically acclaimed album Serve To Serve Again, with Vintage Crop now adopting a more harmonic arrangement.  The band recorded the album in a single session before being mixed and mastered by Mikey Young.

Kibitzer takes on themes of identity, resilience and accepting limitations but taking pride in your work.  ideas around learning, growing and being able to take things in your stride are strongly felt through their entire body of work. These themes hit home with the album’s title too, with lead songwriter Jack Cherry feeling that Kibitzer is an apt way to describe a lot of the band’s focus. “I feel like a lot of our lyrics over the years have been our unsolicited opinions on other people’s situations” he explains, “the very definition of the word Kibitzer.  So for this record we wanted to lean into that tendency by acknowledging it and even go as far as stamping it on the album cover.”

Vintage Crop release Kibitzer on 24 June 2022.

When do Vintage Crop headline at Manchester’s The Peer Hat?

Vintage Crop headline at The Peer Hat Manchester on 5 July 2022.