Hi Sienna are back with their new single Hail Mary ahead of a Manchester gig next week at Gullivers.

Speaking about the track, Hi Sienna described it as “a juxtaposition between an angelic gospel-sounding melody & the raunchy exploration of lust and desire. It’s an epic combination of twangy guitars, stadium-filling strings and harmonies that gifts an uplifting, euphoric sound to the ear.”

The track takes a swerve from the expected, drawing in on gospel sounds layered with guitars and strings.  The texture works perfectly over a slow but funky bass as the instrumentation on top builds throughout, growing from an almost church-like opening, becoming more and more uplifting and more driven.  Meanwhile the vocals are spot on developing from innocent to mischief, perfectly delivered.

The lyrics play in to the holy theme, but with a naughty twist.  “You and I fly; You and I, feeling high” opens Poppy-Jo coyly, “Is this love or just heavens above tricking me in to this” before the saucy lyricism the band promised in the run up to the release kicks in.

The effect is beautiful.  It’s atmospheric, drifting over the listener and enveloping them with an addictive sound taking in the contrasting concepts.  Each listen reveals new depths to the track, new subtleties.

It’s another success for the Manchester band and will no doubt become a firm crowd favourite starting with their Manchester gig at Gullivers next week.

When do Hi Sienna headline at Gullivers?

Hi Sienna headline at Gullivers, Manchester, on 30 July 2021.  Tickets available through Ticketweb.