Cassa Jackson has returned with her latest single, Reset Me, a vulnerable piano ballad celebrating new love.

The start of the romance was initially shared in Cassa Jackson’s EP Summer With U with the new track new finding the romance flourishing.

As Cassa Jackson explains, “It just might be that I have finally found my ‘Parallel Universe‘ which I was longing for in my biggest song. ‘Parallel Universe’ was written in the hope of finding someone who was ‘always gonna put me first’ and the raw, stripped-back ‘Reset Me’ is a celebration of finding that someone and appreciating everything about the new relationship. This song documents the process I went through in my relationship. I really do feel like he reset me and listening to this song makes me feel so warm inside.”

Cassa Jackson wrote the track alongside her regular collaborator, producer Kevin Malpass.

Cassa Jackson is currently putting together plans for her own shows, with further information to follow.

image of Cassa Jackson courtesy Adam Brazier