It could well be the soundtrack to the Summer – Cassa Jackson has just released her new EP Summer With U.

The EP finds Cassa, treading a different path, embracing the happiness and excitement of a new relationship, making a detour from the less than perfect romantic life she had previously endured.  We caught up with Cassa to find out a bit more about the EP and how it evolved.

Your new EP Summer With U is set to land in just a couple of weeks. What are your feelings leading up to the release?
I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been to release music. Finally I’ve been able to put heartbreak and sadness behind me and I can’t wait for people to hear these new upbeat positive songs. Having teased a little bit on social media, the response has been great which makes me feel really pleased leading up to the release.

Can you tell us about the sound and feel of the EP?
This EP is a celebration of new love and all the carefree optimism that accompanies it. The sound is heavily influenced by my love of reggaeton music, having lived in Madrid. This is the first time that I have experimented with adding some Spanish lyrics to the songs too and I love the result.

The tracks which have been previewed so far appropriately have a Summery feel to them – was that something you set out to do deliberately? 
Yes, I think so. ‘Summer with U’ was the first song I ever wrote about my boyfriend and it was just before the summer so I was simply imagining having a wonderful summer with him. The other two just naturally have a summery feel to them because I wrote them picturing myself in Spain salsa dancing to them!

“what a lucky escape I’d had”

The EP lands shortly after your brilliant single The Guy I Never Dated. How does the EP contrast with the single? 
That single was about a time when I was single and navigating the dating world. I wrote that song looking back at that time and realising what a lucky escape I’d had. It’s only now I’m in a happy and healthy relationship that I could realise this.

What was the writing and recording process for the EP?
I wrote and recorded these songs with 3 different people. It was so lovely to be in the studio writing positive love songs as opposed to it being another therapy session! I definitely had a clear vision for these songs and how I wanted them to sound so it took a while to get there but it was worth it because now I LOVE all three of them. With ‘Naked’ for example it was originally all in English and it was only after we had the finished master that we decided to add a Spanish verse.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in writing and recording the EP?
I don’t think there really was one! It seemed to go so smoothly and I’ll take that as a good omen for the EP! Actually having said that for ‘Summer With U’, we lost the vocals from the demo and so I had to re-record them all, but it was worth it because they sound better now than they did before!

How did you arrive at the three tracks which have made the EP? 
They weren’t meant to be released as an EP when I wrote them, but once I had finished them they just seemed to fit together so well sonically and subject wise I decided I needed to release them together.

Does one of the tracks particularly resonate with you? 
I think ‘Tranquilo’ is my favourite song on the EP. It really transports me to a particular rooftop bar in Madrid when I listen to it and I imagine dancing with a glass of sangria in hand. 

Can you tell us what you felt the first time you listened back to the completed EP? 
I was so pleased to have finally written and recorded these songs which summarise where I’m at in my dating life. I think they fit really well together and my guitarist even pointed out that they represent a whole summer’s day. ‘Summer With U’ is the morning when you’re having a cup of coffee in the sun. ‘Tranquilo’ embodies dancing into the sunset and ‘Naked’ is as the night progresses and it all becomes a bit risqué and fun!

“I was writing a lot of sassy breakup songs”

The EP has seen you move in a bit of a different direction in terms of sound, feel and even subject matter – what sparked that and was it something you set out specifically to achieve? 
My songs have always been completely autobiographical and unfortunately thus far that has meant I was writing a lot of sassy breakup songs because my dating life was less than perfect. Now in my personal life I’ve never been happier and I didn’t want to box myself into breakup songs and want to be honest and celebrate the fact that I’m finally in a good place. Hopefully my fans who have been following me for a while will also be getting through their breakups and finding happiness and will be able to relate to these songs this summer too!

Your music gives a very open insight in to your life and relationships – how does it feel to open up so much not just in recordings but also when you perform live?
I love it. I love being open and honest and transparent with what’s going on in my life. I think it really brings the songs to life and makes people realise they are not alone in what they are going through. This is definitely an exciting time now that all my fans are so pro my relationship and adore my boyfriend as much as me.

What do you have planned after the release of Summer With U?
I’ve got a packed summer of festivals ahead which is the perfect opportunity to make the debut performance of these tracks! I plan to sing the EP at my headline show in London at the end of August too! Also I am currently in the process of writing my debut album which will delve deeper into a happy relationship. These songs represent just the start when it’s all fun and flirty and so I’m going to write an album that takes you through what it’s like being in a healthy relationship. Makes a change!

Hope the EP release goes really well!
Thank you! Excited for everyone to hear it.

Cassa Jackson’s new EP Summer With U is out now.

Cassa Jackson – image courtesy Chloe Maylor