Cassa Jackson has shared her latest track The Guy I Never Dated after the song’s first teaser received more than 100,000 views in 24 hours.

The song is accompanied by a lyric video.

New track The Guy I Never Dated marks a return for the artist who landed Radio 1 airplay for her previous tracks Right Girl, Wrong Guy and Sophie and completed an arena tour with Blue.

The song throws back to everything Cassa Jackson tried to make a relationship happen, from desperately re-recording voice notes to dancing until her feet hurt, but with the benefit of hindsight can see that she was wasting her time.  But it defiantly concludes that it was a lucky escape well worth celebrating.

As Cassa Jackson explains, “This is an upbeat, sassy song about wasting time on someone that you weren’t even in an actual relationship with, just a situationship. The lyrics are raw and honest, highlighting the lengths I would go to to try and make this guy like me, when he couldn’t even be bothered to text me back! What was I thinking? My mum told me if they’re not making loads of effort at the start to try to be in a relationship with you, they sure as hell won’t be once you’re actually together – so be careful what you wish for! Looking back I realise what a waste of time and effort that was and that he would have been a terrible boyfriend if we had ever made it that far.”

Cass Jackson will perform a string of festival shows over the summer including Oceanfest, Latitude and Carfest as well as a London headline show at The Grace.

Image of Cassa Jackson courtesy Chloe Maylor