Cassa Jackson has shared her new three track EP Summer With U, featuring the recent single Tranquilo.

The album finds Cassa Jackson moving switching mood from her recent single The Guy I Never Dated, instead finding her in a happier place away from the unrequited love and heartache she previously experienced.

New EP Summer With U celebrates new romance with upbeat lyrics and uplifting sound and an undoubtedly summery feel.

In Interview: Cassa Jackson – “this is the most excited I’ve ever been”

“If you have been following me for a while” she explains, “you’ll know that up until now I’ve had a less than perfect love life and so ended up writing a lot of sassy breakup songs! But now I’m releasing three upbeat songs to be the soundtrack of your summer. This marks a change of era in my music, these are fun happy songs about the start of a relationship when sparks are flying after meeting someone new.”

The EP features the title track Summer With U, setting the joyous mood, along with Tranquilo and Naked which find Cassa Jackson delivering half the lyrics in Spanish.

Cassa Jackson is releasing the EP in the run of to a headline London show at The Grace on 31 August.  The gig features two special guests, Chloe Ann and her regular collaborator Nath Brooks.