Rubberband Girl has revealed their debut single South Suburban Weekend, drawing on the buzz around their SoundCloud sharings Taller and How High?

The track is filled with soul, with flourishes of brass and piano jazz whilst drawing in indie-pop, trip-hop and acid jazz.  South Suburban Weekend finds Rubberband Girl reminiscing on an all-fun no-pressure late teens summer weekend.

Rubberband Girl – a band founded by vocalist Caitlyn Scarlett – says, “South Suburban Weekend was the first Rubberband Girl song ever written. It’s a love letter to my youth, growing up in a typically English riverside town with ambitions of escaping to ‘big city life’. Having since lived over a decade in London, I now look back with great nostalgia at how and where my friends and I spent our teenage years; hanging around those local parks and high streets, drinking, skating, causing trouble and waiting for our lives to really begin. ‘South Suburban Weekend’ is my way of capturing and celebrating the romance and simplicity of that time.

Originally from the Bray in Berkshire, Rubberband Girl’s founder Caitlyn Scarlett moved to London at the age of 17 and soon became a collaborator for the likes of Little Simz, Ms Banks and Rudimental.  She started Rubberband Girl as an authentic outlet to express her love of organic sounds and retro influences from the likes of Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell to current artists such as Caroline Polachek, Mitski and Lorde.