Manchester indie trio Vacant Weekend have shared their new single Talk.  The track is the first taste of their upcoming maxi-EP which lands in the summer.

The release comes ahead of a Manchester gig at Low Four in June.

Vacant Weekend have shared the single via Manchester indie label Cosmic Glue.

New track Talk follows the success of their previous single My Addictions.  The song mirrors depictions of honest grit and loneliness of everyday life into their own reality as they capture the challenges faced by the youth of today, inspired by Mike Skinner’s iconic debut Original Pirate Material, whilst encouraging listeners to dance.

As Vacant Weekend explain, “We loved the raw, honest depiction of how gritty and lonely daily life can be as an apathetic early 20-something-year-old and tried to recreate that feeling about our reality.” says Vacant Weekend “It’s also the first song of ours where Alex settled fully into their voice, ending the strive for a ‘technically perfect vocal’ for a sound that was honest and represented them better as a person. In that sense, the song is a nod to that development in our sound – ‘I used to be the singer, now I just talk’.”

When do Vacant Weekend perform at Manchester’s Low Four?

Vacant Weekend perform at Low Four in Manchester on 21 June 2024.

image of Vacant Weekend courtesy Misha Photo