Grammy award-winner returns to the UK

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and musician Vonda Shepard returns to the UK following last year’s sell-out UK run in support of her latest album Rookie.  The multi-Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy award winning artist is best known for being the former musical director of Ally McBeal, writing the theme song ‘Searching My Soul’, and appearing in every episode. Vonda writes bluesy, soulful tunes and has a powerful voice that can cut to the back of any room.

The singer, who recently made her stage debut in Randy Newman’s musical Faust commented “I had so much fun performing for my fans in the UK, it was the highlight of my year and I cannot wait to come back and see everyone again”.

Vonda released her first hit ‘Can’t We Try’ in 1987 and followed it with ‘Don’t Cry Ilene’ from her first album on Reprise Records in 1989, releasing three albums in total before working on Ally McBeal in 1997.

Since the TV show ended its five-season run Vonda has released five studio albums and toured extensively across Europe and USA.  She has also performed duets with legendary artists including Rod Stewart and, famously, Robert Downey Jr.

Vonda Shepard performs at The Lowry Theatre, Salford, on Sunday 9 October 2016.