Rock and rollers The Bloody Nerve have shared the lyric video for their latest track Episode 5: Down to the Letter.

Episode 5: Down to the Letter continues the roll-out of Act II (The Reckoning) of their episodically released concept album All Blood, No Treasure.

Released part by part, Episode 5 is the latest installment as they continue to drop the album in phases, act-by-act, episode-by-episode.  Each single carries its own standalone feel and meaning, but contributes to a broader piece of work filled with an overarching message.

Speaking about the second act of the album, vocalist Laurie Ann Layne explains, “Act II is called ‘Reckoning’, because we always end up here.  We can’t make up our rules, as it turns out. To protect that machine, things get more forceful and more ridiculous until it implodes.”

One more Act II video track will be released soon — the Act II finale for Reckoning — followed by the 3-track Act II EP, which will drop on 25th March on digital platforms, with a limited-edition CD also being released.

The Bloody Nerve features singer/guitarist Stacey Blood and vocalist Laurie Ann Layne.