LA-raised singer songwriter Sophia Marie has shared her new single Femme Fatale, the first release from her upcoming EP.

The 80’s-inspired ballad tells autobiographically of a reckless response to unrequited love.  As Sophia Marie explains, “Femme Fatale is an 80s-inspired ballad that depicts a narrator engaging in reckless, degenerate, and overtly flirtatious behaviour because the one man that would make her calm, steady, and stable doesn’t love her back.

“It’s a song that attempts to hide its insecurity but then blazes it out in the open, describing the narrator’s process of morphing into something she despises just to stoke envy in her lover’s heart. I was inspired by my own experiences, exaggerating my changes in personality when I became jaded or disillusioned with love, but I also drew heavily upon iconic historical and literary femme fatale figures like Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, and Moulin Rouge’s Satine to give it a sexy ambiance that causes dissonance with its depressing words.”

The Los Angeles native, and self-confessed hopeless romantic, narrates her life through music; from leaving the sunny, casual west coast for a more buttoned-up DC life at Georgetown University (where she studies International Politics) to a life-changing semester abroad in Dublin, to unrequited romances and lovesick travels, each of these experiences is vividly documented in her music.

image of Sophia Marie courtesy Panav Gududuri