Viral pop sensation Havanna Winter has shared hew latest single, Daddy’s Kissing Santa Claus! which is out now.

The track was co-written alongside Maya K, Nevin Sastrt and Calos Guevara.

Daddy’s Kissing Santa Claus! is accompanied by and ’80s inspired video complete with Christmas sweaters and a chaotic family.  The video stars Mom, Carlos Guevera as Santa, Vince Rossi as the Dad, Jordan Xidas as the Creepy Uncle, Jonnie Reinhart as the strict Grandma, Justin Love as vain Aunt Beth, Terrell Jones as the cookie eating Brother, and Niels van den Heuvel and Jonah Almanzar as Santa’s elves.

Speaking about the track and video Havanna Winter said, “Daddy’s Kissing Santa Claus is such a fun song. It’s chaotic and catchy, and it gets stuck in your head. I feel like it’s very relatable, because most of us have experienced some Christmas gatherings that didn’t go as planned. I think that with all the serious things that have been going on in the world lately, people need a break from it, especially over the holidays, and to just be able to relax and have a laugh with some funny and happy vibes.”

Daddy’s Kissing Santa Claus follows on from Havanna Winter’s previous singles Rain Rain Go Away, Heaven To Me and Hollywood Forever.