Danish DIY artist Linn has returned with her new single Okay, Sister and confirmation of her new EP Femte Dimension.

Five-track EP Femte Dimension will be released on 19 January 2023.

Okay, Sister finds Linn swaying from acoustic ballad to multi-dimensional experimental soundscapes and back again.  The many dynamics and playful expressions are also represented on the new imagery around the forthcoming EP’s cover art and in the press photos, which when seen through stereo glasses will appear in full 3D. They were all taken by set designer Christian Friedländer, while the accompanying video for Okay, Sister – which was shot late at night on a small uninhabited island in southern Europe – was filmed on an old digital camera by Linn’s 4-year-old daughter

Linn made her debut in November 2020 with her EP Happy Metal featuring alternative rock, R&B and lo-fi influences as well as sounds effects field recordings, toy instruments and more.  The EP lead to a joint tour alongside the band Blood Child with the articstic and visual crossover concept Shower Me In Happy Metal where she played her new material publicly for the first time.  She has since support Wolf Alice and performed at Roskilde Festival.

Image of Linn courtesy Christian Friedlander