It’s been a few years since The Aces were last on UK shores and headlining in Manchester, thankfully they have now marked their return to these shores with two dates at Manchester’s O2 Apollo.

In a statement of intent The Aces open with their latest track Girls Make Me Wanna Die.  The track is slightly more edgy than their previous releases and works perfectly to whip the crowd up.  It’s an immediate show of energy and swagger.

The energy levels stay elevated through what is sadly a short, yet feisty and completely satisfying, supporting set.   Musically they are tight, connected to each other; vocally they are spot with lead singer Cristal Ramirez absolutely nailing it.  It’s obvious that they have been playing together since an early age, developing the kind of chemistry and intuitive stage-working that only a long standing and genuine friendship can bring.

From The Front Row: The Aces at Manchester’s O2 Apollo in pictures

They strut and move around on stage, brimming with enthusiasm and confidence and it’s infectious.  The crowd love it, singing, appreciatively cheering and dancing along throughout.

The Aces connect with the audience and keep them hooked.  Lyrically they touch the now growing number of fans, their message resonating; even the photographers in the pit are commenting to each other about how good they are.

The set whips by with the five tracks including Stuck and My Phone Is trying to Kill Me.

As they finish with a flurry of drums, guitars and cheers, it’s obvious that they could (no, let’s be honest, should) be headlining venues of this capacity.  They’ve certainly won a lot of fans over tonight.