Hailing from the Ruhr area in Germany, Wolf Down have made it their task to bring back an uncompromising hardness to the hardcore genre, both lyrically and musically, to lead this subculture back to its leftist-oriented political roots. The band will release their second album Incite & Conspire via BoySetsFire’s End Hits Records on 26th Feb, 2016. As Wolf Down explain, the song is “an appeal to reason, a fierce polemic against organized religions, their mercenaries and the reactionary ideologies they spread. Concentrating on the injustice, submission and bloodshed that took place in the name of one or another phantom in the sky, the track urges you to question everything and believe in nothing but yourself.” The album’s release coincides with Wolf Down’s next stint of shows in the UK as they head out on tour with Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path and Counterparts in February.

Starting their journey in 2011 with their debut EP MMXI, Wolf Down have put themselves firmly on the international hardcore map, touring tirelessly in Europe, Asia and Russia. The Liberation EP, released last year, not only marked the debut of vocalist Dave, but also offered their most uncompromising mix of metallic hardcore to date at that point, fuelled by radical political content and drawing comparisons to bands like Hatebreed, Bitter End, The Ghost Inside and Trapped Under Ice.

With their second LP, Wolf Down are now poised to grow.

The eye-catching artwork by Donny Philips (who has worked with Mastodon, System Of A Down and Stick to Your Guns) clearly relays the message that Wolf Down is trying to convey has by no means mellowed with age. The eleven tracks offer a holistic view on the problems of our time: A central theme of the LP is the direct link between human rights, animal rights and the fight for the preservation of our planet. From the call for active environmental protection in ‘Protect / Preserve’, to the denouncement of the abuse of power in religious institutions through ‘True Deceivers’, right up to the demand for the abolition of all cages and the plea for a vegan diet: Wolf Down make it clear that it’s not possible to solve the massive issues they address without recognizing their coherences.


Wolf Down perform at Manchester’s Sound Control on 15 February 2016.

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