Speaking in EofE’s tour bus before the show, they promise energy.  It’s almost the staple of any gig and should, really, be a given.  But what should be an absolute must, is, sadly so often absent from bands’ performances.  EofE, however, are set to deliver on that promise as they put on a show which does, indeed, contain boundless energy alongside a good helping of talent.

The anticipating crowd gathers towards the front of the room as the former McBusted supporters EofE stride onto the stage.  Crowd size is matter even though on a dramatically smaller scale compared to the nationwide arena shows they’ve previously played.  Within the first couple songs, including their debut track Bridges they’ve successfully managed to captivate the attention of every pair of eyes in the room.  The room overflows with both energy and enthusiasm from band and fans alike, as they give an arena quality performance.  Skeptics are easily won over once the band showcases some of its recently released “heavier” material giving front man, Tom Harris an excuse to trigger a wall of death amongst the crowd for final track, the outstanding Waiting for Olivia, certainly surprising fans who are more accustom to the bands previous “rock pop” material.  With thundering basslines, outstanding riffs and powerful vocals, they work through a setlist which contains hints of what is to come from their highly anticipated debut album – the hooks and riffs, the melodies, the aggression, the basslines and fun have all hit home with the fans.

With the crowd thoroughly warmed up, Glamour Of The Kill confidently glide onto the stage.  There’s an instant uproar from the crowd and the lights dim and the first few notes are played.  Between songs, lead vocalist/ bass player, Davey “Death” Richmond engages in witty back and forth conversation with fellow band members and fans.  Half way through the set the band decide its time to introduce the crowd to an old tradition of theirs, a test to see if they can manage to get four shots of tequila onto the stage by the end of a catchy “jingle” like song.  The band get their tequila eventually.  The crowd are amused and delighted by the casual, lighthearted atmosphere throughout the room which is then masked by a storm of aggression the next song is blaster out.  Lead guitarist, Mike Kingswood’s heavy solos have the crowd moving in all directions, at which point the band decides to play their older, better known material such as Last Breath and Feeling Alive.  The band look pleased as fans chant the lyrics at the top of their voices.  With the quality of music and musicianship to back up an enthusiastic and energetic performance, there’s no doubt that more and more people should be turning on to their performances.

EofE – image courtesy of Tom Leishman