Renowned dance company, Moscow City Ballet, returns following a triumphant 2014-2015 season with its dramatic traditional story-telling and captivating performances, with The Nutcracker at the Palace Theatre 14 – 16 Jan.

Moscow City Ballet arrives in the UK on the back of its first US tour where it victoriously mesmerized a whole new fan base.  The company’s full scale ballet classic – The Nutcracker emphasises the fact that Russian ‘big story’ ballets combine artistry, technique, narrative and live music, thus providing a true dancing experience.  Audiences can not only marvel at the perfection of its corps de ballet but witness the excellent dexterity and grace of principal ballerinas Alevtina Lapshina and Liliya Oryekhova.

Live music is at the heart of Moscow City Ballet’s productions and, with Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece scores, The Nutcracker is staged in all of its original splendour with some of the world’s finest dancers.  Moscow City Ballet will be accompanied on tour by the Moscow City Ballet Orchestra who will provide a luscious soundtrack to this magical story.

Founded by Victor Smirnov-Golovanov in 1988, Moscow City Ballet is one of Russia’s most successful and popular touring ballet companies, highly admired for its distinctive style, exciting choreography and exceptionally gifted dancers.  The MCB is now under the artistic direction of Ludamila Neroubashchenko, who has been leading the ballet company for the last few years.  Ludamila will now officially take on the position of Artistic Director and will continue to preserve Victor’s unique choreography and productions as well as the commitment to promoting ballet in the Russian Classical tradition all over the world.

The Nutcracker is performed at Manchester’s Palace Theatre by the Moscow City Ballet from 14 to 16 January.

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