Rock trio Katalina Kicks hit Manchester’s Retro Bar on 13 May performing songs from their politically charged new album Vices.

Vices is set to be released the day before these Manchester double-header and follows the adrenaline-laced single and featured track Cut It Up.

The new album, Vices, presents Katalina Kicks at their loudest, scuzziest and most politically aggrieved yet. But then opening with a “cameo” from Donald Trump, how could it not be?

Fans of the band will already be familiar with the Seattle-sized quake of teaser single ‘Guns’, a track written after watching Obama’s tearful reaction to the Sandy Hook school shooting. “It’s a song of despair,” frontman Ian George says of the track. “The most powerful man in the world, and even he can’t stop the gun madness in his own country. And then after the Paris attacks, Trump said that terrifying quote about if people had guns, less people would have been hurt. So we sampled that just to show the absurdity.”

Speaking of the bringing the album in front of crowds, George commented, “We’re so excited about this album, as it has a real mix of songs and flavours – from our trademark high octane punk rock to slightly more chilled and sophisticated tracks, but all played with the same attitude! After spending a fair amount of last year in the studio, we’re really looking forward to getting on the road again and playing this new material to everyone.”

Before the Retro Bar gig, Katalina Kicks will also perform a free in-store acoustic gig at Manchester’s branch of Paul Smith.

Katalina Kicks perform at Manchester’s Retro Bar on 13 May 2017.