HMLTD will play a set at Neighbourhood Festival during their ten date UK tour opening tonight in Norwich.

The performance at Neighbourhood will see the London-based five-piece headlining YES (The Pink Room) at 9.30pm.

The tour comes after HMLTD signed with UK independent label Lucky Number and shared their first music of 2019, Loaded alongside a video directed by Mood Killer.

Speaking about the track, HMLTD commented, “’Loaded’ is a song about a Faustian bargain, inspired by real events of which we were very much a part. Satan found our souls to be faulty and has been fully refunded. ‘Loaded’ is a story of self-deprecation, self-aggrandisement, and self-commodification. It is a self-help book to recovering from all of the above. ‘Loaded’ is a song about material wealth and spiritual poverty; the depths of which we have ploughed and plundered til penniless in both pound and principle. We have scraped the barrel of our hollow, piggy bank soul husks to bring it into this world. We did it for you, but mainly for us.”

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When do HMLTD perform in Manchester?

HMLTD perform at Neighbourhood Festival on 12 October 2019.  They headline the Pink Room at YES Manchester at 9.30pm.

image of HMLTD courtesy Daniel Mutton