Welsh Rockers Touring New Album

Welsh rockers Funeral For a Friend are set to perform at Manchester’s Gorilla on 17th January.  The gig comes just days before the release of their seventh album, Chapter and Verse (released 19th January 2015).

One of the last remaining bastions of the British hardcore scene, which exploded in to the mainstream at the turn of the Century, that made the first track from the album, You’ve Got A Bad Case of The Religions, only last week.  The track received its première on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.

Dubbed as saviours of rock music from a young age, Funeral For a Friend are now veterans of the music scene, but still pack and much punch and vigour as ever, with 2013’s release Conduit demonstrating just that – aggressive, determined, brimming with confidence and energy.

Flitting frantically between relentless blast beats and heavy, discordant riffs to the kind of guitar lines you would tend to expect from Midwestern bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, ‘Chapter and Verse’ is yet another statement that says Funeral For A Friend is not a band that can be placed in a box as easily as some would assume.  Opening with vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye’s personalised off the hinges screaming, one of Chapter and Verse’s defining features is its unapologetically political lyrical content. From wealth inequality to feminism, the lyrics are a far cry from the band’s early material and display a sense of growth that can only come from experience.

You can catch Funeral For A Friend’s video 1% below.  1% was the first video from the new album, and Davies-Kreye said of it, “The idea for the track came from watching the news reports around and after the financial crisis hit; the anger at the banks and financial institutions that lined their own pockets off the backs of the hard working average individual. Theft at the highest level, no sense of remorse, even in the wake of exposure. Hand outs, bonuses, pay increases… It’s like someone rubbing egg in the face of the honest, hard working people who struggle, sometimes with two jobs, raising a family and only just being able to make ends meet.”.

Funeral For A Friend perform at Gorilla on 17th January 2015.

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