After releasing their latest album Things Change earlier in the year, US band American Aquarium play three nights in the UK including a Manchester gig at Night and Day.

Things Change is a narrative chronicling the last two years as seen through the eyes of front man BJ Barham as he reflects on personal growth, adjustments and the social climate in America.  The time since the release of his solo album Rockingham has witness much change in his life … American Aquarium dissolved in April 2017 before he put together an entirely new line-up; he was approached by independent label New West Records to form a partnership; and the support team him has completely changed.

The songs on Things Change are clearly influenced by Barham’s earlier experiences. “When We Were Younger Men” reminisces on the simpler days of American Aquarium, a tribute to brotherhood, hard work, and the toll that running the roads can eventually take on a group of musicians. Songs like “Things Change” and “One Day At A Time” delve into personal evolution and the vulnerability of coming to terms with the past.

Things Change features the new members of American Aquarium who are Shane Boeker on lead guitar, Joey Bybee, drums, Ben Hussey, bass, Adam Kurtz on pedal steel and electric guitar and BJ Barham on vocals and guitar.

When do American Aquarium headline at Night and Day?

American Aquarium headline at Manchester’s Night and Day on Wednesday 31 October 2018.  The Manchester gig is one of three dates the band are playing:
30 October   –   Bristol, Louisiana
31 October   –   Manchester, Night and Day
1 November   –   London, Borderline

image of American Aquarium courtesy Cal Quinn