After his recent tours with Kid Cudi and Biig Piig, Monjola has shared new single Mama Always Says.

The R&B/hip-hop artist received wide praise for his shows across Europe with Kid Cudi.

The new track leans on electro-pop and alternative R&B as his mixed up his sound again whilst recounting the life lessons his mother passed down to him as he grew up.

Monjola and Aby Coulibaly collaborate on new track Where U At

Monjola recorded the track alongside producer Joe Brown.  As Monjola explains, “This song was made so quickly, it came so naturally. Joe played me the beat by accident and I went to the booth and freestyled the whole track. It was inspired by my Mum and the morals that she raised myself and my siblings on.”

The Dublin-based artist started out playing guitar and drums, and step-by-step went deeper into music, first launching club nights and then releasing tracks on SoundCloud. While ‘Mama Always Said’ is just his eighth official release, he is already tipped as one of the current wave of underground Dublin artists with everything it takes to go international.