Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T and Denise Belfon have shared a new version of Work, the classic track from Masters At Work.

The original featured a mix of rhythm, house energy and a topline from Denise Belfon.  Twenty years later producer and DJ Kevin McKay has dropped a reinvigorated version of the song.  The track is out now via his Glasgow Underground label.

The idea emerged earlier this year when Kevin McKay and Armând were playing at Night Tales in Hackney. Armand mixed the Work a cappella with a pulsating house cut and the dancefloor erupted. Inspired by the reaction, Kevin made his own edit and, after months of searching for who owned the track’s rights, tracked down its producer and co-writer Pupa Nas T (real name Anasta Hackett). He immediately admired how Kevin had given Work an invigorating new lease of life.

Kevin McKay adds, “It is such an iconic vocal that I had to make sure the beat was as good as it could be.  Knowing Anastas is a drummer, I was so happy when he told me he loved the track.”

The track is one of many remixes of the original song that have been put forward over the years, explains Pupa Nas T: “Since the first release of Work in 2000 I have heard countless remixes and versions done by some really great musicians and beat makers.  Kevin McKay’s version is the best that I have heard!  The beat is pumping and keeps you dancing non-stop.  This is the same approach that I used when I created Work in Trinidad and Tobago.”