Ladybyrd has shared her debut single, the moody, melancholic alt-pop track Too Close To Call.

The 18-year-old newcomer draws upon classic coming-of-age emotions – relationships, desire, longing and regrets – blending them with her bigger influences and fascination of literature and film.

Too Close To Call finds Ladybyrd honing in on emotion, contrasting maturity with wide-eyed innocence and drawing on her key influences of Phoebe Bridgers, Maisie Peters and Gracie Abrams.

Speaking about the single, Ladybyrd explained, “Too Close To Call is a fictional story of a secret relationship. It’s from the perspective of the girl, trying to come to terms with the impossibility of the situation. She is secretly wanting to leave as she knows it’s wrong and unrealistic, but she is still infatuated with the person. That said, I hope listeners will use their imagination to find their own special interpretation.”

The single follows Ladybyrd’s recent move to London as she seeks to build on her music career and find new inspirations.

Expanding on her motivation to make music, Ladybyrd added, “Music brings me either great joy or great comfort,” she says, “and I hope my songs can be a part of the soundtrack to other people’s lives.”

Too Close To Call marks the first step towards Ladybyrd’s debut EP.

image of Ladybyrd courtesy Joya Aumueller