Maya Lane has shared her new single Childish Games, the title track to her debut EP which lands this summer.

Childish Games follow’s Maya Lane’s previous single Still The Same.  The track captured the attention of the industry, peaking interest in her upcoming EP.

Now Childish Games finds Maya Lane opening up and embracing personal lyrics and ’70s influences.  As she explains, “Childish Games was the first song I wrote for my upcoming EP. On the day I recorded it, I remember listening to the demo over and over again, from the minute I stepped out of the studio until I got home. Instantly Childish Games felt so personal and authentic to me, from the lyrical content to the ‘70s influenced harmonies. I wrote Childish Games about growing apart from a friend and feeling that whilst being the same age, we were at totally different phases of life. The song expresses the struggles of transitioning from a teen to an adult.”

The song features melancholy melodies as she delivers a blend of contemporary country-tinged pop and ’70s singer-songwriter music.

Childish Games came out of her second co-write with producer Jonathan Quarmby.

Maya Lane will perform at 110 Above Festival in August.

Image of Maya Lane courtesy Melody Berkery