Kayla Grace has released her debut EP glass child, alongside a visualiser for the title track and new single.

glass child finds Kayla Grace blending confession with indie, DIY, pop and punk as she continues to pick up more and more fans and supporters.

The six track EP opens with the newly release title track, honing in on power and angst.  The track typifies the no-holds-barred approach to the EP which Kayla Grace adopts.  The Tiktok trending phrase ‘glass child’ is someone who grew up with a sibling whose needs demand far more attention from their family than they themselves receive. It could be a sibling who suffers from behavioural issues or struggles with addiction, but in Kayla’s case it’s about growing up with her disabled sister – a situation she explores further in ‘realign’. It’s a situation of complex emotions: glass children can understand why their sibling receives so much more attention, but that understanding doesn’t stop them feeling like the odd one out.

glass child pulls together Kayla Grace’s recent singles including nobody loves me, pork pies and dumped.

Speaking about the EP and subject matter behind it, Kayla Grace said, “glass child is a song of self-discovery.  The day I learnt the term was the first day I’d felt seen on a wider level. I had a really rough upbringing in a way it felt like no one else could understand. I was neglected in so many ways but had no one to blame. Writing this song was so cathartic, it’s almost like I know who I am and why I am the way I am now. It’s not a thing to celebrate be a glass child, but it’s just like a self-acceptance anthem.”

Kayla Grace wrote or co-wrote all six tracks on the EP.

image of Kayla Grace courtesy Will Kenny