Kayla Grace has shared her new single Nobody Loves Me accompanied by a homegrown visual filmed in her hometown of Watford.

Kayla Grace, who supported Baby Queen at Manchester’s Deaf Institute earlier this year, explores the fear that she has upset everyone who is significant in her life through the track.  Opening with the line, “I think my therapist hates me”, the artist goes on to explore her fears and paranoia as well as childhood scars.  The track, marks an uplifting escapism for those experiencing similar issues, through its indie-pop tinged with emo approach.

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As Kayla Grace explains, “Nobody Loves Me is basically the embodiment of the intrusive thoughts I have from my unhealed inner child. I had a complicated childhood and found a lot of my needs were ignored so I always believed that everyone hated me. Things are better now ,but I think I dragged that cloud with me into teenage years/adulthood and can’t shake it off.”

Kayla Grace wrote Nobody Loves Me alongside the song’s producer Joe Wander and Mikey Gormley.  The track marks the follow up to her debut release Bird In A Cage.

The accompany visual sees Kayla Grace bring her words to life in a provactive film.  It features animations from Emily Hoang based on the illustrations she designed for the single’s artwork.