Irish singer and songwriter Flynn has returned with his new track Regrets, building on the success of his debut EP One Of Us.

New track Regrets tells of a love story gone wrong, when you decide to split from a relationship, only to see them move on with someone else and regret your decision.  The song features Flynn’s melodic and soulful vocals against a catchy bassline and driven rhythm.

The single is accompanied by its official video, which translates the song’s lyrics into the world of boxing. Flynn plays a boxing coach, whose protégé is defeated by a stronger opponent. After a second bout leads to another knock-out, it’s clear that they both have regrets about the challenge they’re facing. A succession of ‘Rocky’-style tropes follow – early morning runs, sparring by sunset, motivational speeches. Ultimately it’s not a happy ending as such, but at least their dedication is rewarded with a steady improvement.

As Flynn explains, “We really wanted to shoot a video that matches the energy of the song. It’s a boxing/sports theme where you see a young girl battling with herself and the desire to win. I’m her trainer and the goal is to prepare her for a fight with another girl who is a tough opponent. She soon begins to doubt herself and we both start having regrets about the decision to take the fight.”

image of Flynn courtesy Maximilian Zaksek