Kayla Grace has shared her latest single Dumped as she builds on the success of previous release realign.

Dumped finds Kayla Grace relishing in dumping a highly derided ex who she gleefully refers to as ‘a little kid’ and ‘another pain in my ass’.  Sonically it features Kayla Grace switching speed from a sad girl acoustic singer-songwriter opening to a grungy fiery hook.

Speaking about the track, Kayla Grace said, “Dumped was written about someone that kinda ruined my life for a bit. It was something that stressed me out even months after the end but eventually I reached this cleansed feeling and I was like, I’m so glad you’re history now. I think that feeling of looking back on all the chaos but still being like ‘babe’s, all you got was dumped’ felt powerful and fun so I ran with it and wrote this song. The dynamic of Carol Ades’ ‘26’ felt like a good reference point because of the amount of emotional release you could sense in the climax of the song. Writing and finishing this song has successfully allowed me to become indifferent about this person rather than allowing them to continue ruining me.”

The singer and songwriter who has already drawn comparisons with Holly Humberstone, Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne.  Kayla Grace wrote the Dumped with James Newman and producer Ed Thomas.  It was written and recorded at RAK Studios as part of a SoundOn writing camp teaming up with BMG Publishing.  Through SoundOn, TikTok’s promotion and distribution platform, Dumped will be released directly to TikTok’s Commercial Music Library’.

Kayla Grace will release her debut EP later this year.