There’s a buzz about Peace.  Their fanbase continues to grow, their shows are garnering further praise.  Just six months ago they sold out three nights at the Deaf Institute and last night they performed to a sold out (and frenzied) Manchester Academy 1.

Before Peace have even hit the stage, the atmosphere is electric.  Fans are clamouring for the band to start their set, chanting and cheering excitedly at the prospect of seeing the four-piece.  And when they do come out, launching straight into O You, it’s an instant hit with the fans, who continue to dance, jump around and cheer, all the while singing back to the Birmingham-based group.  The crowd truly is going wild for Peace.

The dancing, cheering and bouncing continues throughout the evening and it’s particularly evident as they perform Wraith, their debut single Follow Baby (which goes down a storm) and the pop-infused California Daze.

The crowd reaction throughout the whole evening is matched by Peace’s performance.  The psych influenced riffs make for great listening and are combined with excellent lighting effects in the stunning Follow Baby to create an outstanding hazy atmosphere; the heavier touch in I’m A Girl (complete with shades of Teen Spirit) hits home perfectly and the crowd cheer and scream back the chorus of the excellent Money.

Keeping the audience on their toes, Peace slow things down a touch as well with a beautiful acoustic segment as they perform Someday, Under the Moon and Float Forever.  The move works well and makes for a dramatic scene as the fans sway, swoon and even hold lighters in the air (yes, in a throwback moment mobile phone lights are put away and lighters are used!).

They quickly kick it up a notch again with Bloodshake and the darker, excellent Gen Strange.  Every track is spot on.

It’s clear that the audience is made up of dedicated fans.  When lead singer Harry Koisser references the three Deaf Institute gigs, there is a huge cheer of approval and a similarly loud response when he asks how many people were there for those three nights.  He also seems a touch surprised as the crowd reacts knowingly to their performance of Saturday Girl.  As the three track encore kicks in the crowd continues to jump, cheer and dance to the end, in complete blissful delight.

Peace have proved that moving up in venue size is something they can easily handle.  The gig was sold out well in advance, and the atmosphere inside was simply sensational with a performance to match and one which left the eager crowd completely satisfied, signalling even bigger things to come for the four-piece.

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Peace – image courtesy Chuffmedia.