George Eve has released his debut EP Burger The Exit featuring new ‘festival ready’ single Never Let You Go.  The EP follows huge support his recent singles I Don’t Mind and Gates have received.

New single Never Let You Go was written by George Eve in LA and takes influences from Californian rock acts, mixing them with synths, beats and brass.

Speaking about the EP which features another new track, Fella Fella, George Eve says, “Burger The Exit is my coming-of-age debut EP. It’s a combination of rock, pop, trap, indie and alt vibes, taking you on a journey through modern and retro influences. It’s my attempt to push the rock genre into new territory. The new single Never Let You Go is a grungy, festival ready song that you can dance to, rock out to, and get lost in. It’s a poem and a journey.”

The EP takes on themes of love and isolation with Fella Fella offering a message of support and hope.

Burger The Exit was largely self-produced by George Eve on a laptop, focusing on his vision of multi-genre bedroom pop.  It was then completed with the help of producer Sam Duckworth and mixer Sean Oakley.