Deanna Petcoff has shared new indie-ballad If You Were Me ahead of the release of her debut album in April.

The Canadian’s new confessional is accompanied by a video directed by Parliament Pictures and features on new album To Hell With You, I Love You.

Speaking about the single, Deanna Petcoff says, “This is the oldest song on the record. I started writing this in high school about my partner at the time who was emotionally abusive. I wasn’t able to finish the song once I started it because I didn’t feel safe saying all of these things when I knew he would hear them. My good friend and collaborator Callum Maudsley helped me navigate those waters and come to a message that was clear and relatable to lots of other people; if I were you I would treat me better.”

If You Were Me follows previous releases Devastatingly Mediocre and I Don’t Wanna Get Over You.

Deanna Petcoff recorded the ten track To Hell With You, I Love You over the course of a year in Toronto.  The album takes on the finer detail of relationship as their grow or falter; the frustrations of life as a 24-year old woman; heartbreak and the ins-and-outs of love.

To Hell With You, I Love You is out on 8 April 2022 via Royal Mountain Records.

image of Denna Petcoff courtesy Nadia Doss