BINGE, a performance installation featuring a collection of one-to-one and intimate drop-in performances comes to HOME Manchester.  The installation is based around a series of favourite box-sets.

Artist Brian Lobel, is on a mission to use the very 21st century phenomenon that is binge-watching TV series, is to create a space in which people slow down, connect with strangers, experience some strange intimacy, and through the act of silently watching, try to deal with some of the systemic terror and trauma that are so pervasive today.

Brian Lobel has brought together eight Manchester performers – Qasim Riza Shaheen, Jenny Gaskell, Eva Serration/David Chu, Tammy Reynolds, Andy Pilkington, Léonie Higgins, Ali Rome, and Cheddar Gorgeous.

Creating a space to slow down, disconnecting from the noise of everyday life, and reconnecting with the comfort of a duvet – the artists will be wearing either pyjamas or bathrobes.  Audience members, who will be greeted by gallery invigilators in nightwear, are encouraged do the same.  Existing somewhere between radical self-care and playful self-indulgence, BINGE is based on the artist’s performance You Have to Forgive Me.

BINGE blurs the distinction between the high-brow, the low-brow, and the freshly-plucked brow. Leave your own drama behind, and insert yourself into a world where whatever the drama it’ll probably be solved in under 30 minutes. The performers and audience members are invited to wear a pyjama/bathrobe-type covering so that everyone eventually looks somewhat similar, making it difficult to tell who is performing and who are audience members.

“I’m thrilled to be curating BINGE,” says Brian. “We received applications from over 30 local artists and I think we’ve found a killer crew of artists, professional, emerging, emerged and everything in between. “We have people with a wide range of televisual knowledge, from A Different World to Green Wing, from Coronation Street to Doctor Who and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and beyond. Our artists/fan – fanatics have an epic amount of quotes to share, and expertise to deploy.

When does BINGE come to HOME Manchester?

BINGE comes to HOME Manchester on 24 May 2019 (12-8pm); 25 May 2019 (12-8pm); and 26 May 2019 (12-6pm).  The event is free.