Aquilo have shared their new single Out In LA, the first track from their new album which is out later this year.

The duo, Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher, are launching a new era in their career through the single.  The track reflects Aquilo’s experiences during sessions in LA.  They had been sent by their previous label with the instructions to “write a hit” with a conveyor belt of co-writers, despite achieving their early success while working independently. While Tom Higham’s lyrics openly admit those struggles – caused by the situation rather than the location – Aquilo’s revitalised positive attitude highlights the hedonism of making the most of the situation.

“We wrote this song after a writing trip in LA. Unfortunately, it was less fruitful than desired and we left with literally nothing to show” explain Aquilo.  “LA holds a special place in our hearts but this time it really got the better of us. We came home and decided to start a side project and leave Aquilo alone for a while. A week or so after we got home to the UK, we wrote this song. This song was the first of many to pull us into a new creative headspace. Friends convinced us the side project wasn’t a side project but the new Aquilo album. There is now a full album coming in October, and we’ve never been more excited and proud to bring something to life.”

After they returned from LA, they put Aquilo on ice, before rebooting the project letting their creativity flow with produced Jack Sibley as they had done back when they first started.

image of Aquilo courtesy Henry James