After a five-year hiatus, Uncle Lucius will release their new album Like It’s The Last One Left in December.

The album will feature recent single and video Keep Singing Along.

Uncle Lucius wrote and recorded the album in the band’s hometown of Austin.  The album promises a mix of amped-up Americana, roots-rock with strings and boundary pushing production.

The album lands after Uncle Lucius spent some time on hiatus following a farewell tour.  Despite their absence, their stock and fanbase continued to grow with their music also featured in an episode of Yellowstone and tracks hitting gold and platinum certification.  Off the back of this the band began to warm to the idea of returning, putting together songs that mirrored their career and status, hitting on resolve and resilience.

Speaking about their return, frontman Kevin Galloway said, “There are no limitations this time around.  We’re exploring different areas of American roots music, and we’re doing it our own way. There’s a new perspective that comes with stepping away from something for a while, then coming back to it. You can see it with new eyes.”

Uncle Lucius previously gained critical for their signature style on albums Something They Ain’t (2006), Pick Your Head Up (2009), And You Are Me (2012), and The Light (2015).

Image of Uncle Lucius courtesy Mark Abernathy