Ben P Williams has returned with his latest single Is It You? (Hard To Love), a piano based ballad featuring violin and vocals from Shimna Bridget.

The Manchester based artist has long demonstrated his ability to craft stunning tracks with a classic song-writing sound of Paul Simon merged with laid-back and witty lyrics.  Now Is It You? (Hard To Love) has found Ben P Williams making the move from guitar to piano for the gentle and heartfelt track.

Having spent time developing his piano skills by learning songs on a beaten up old piano he picked up for free on Facebook marketplace, Ben Williams set about writing.  As he explains, “I was learning ‘This Year’s Love’ by David Gray and decided to write a song in a similar style, direct and honest with simple but effective instrumentation. Guitar is my main instrument, so I was restricted by my piano skills.  The whole song is just a three chord loop, but I think the simplicity works to the song’s advantage.”

He is joined on the track by Shimna Bridget on violin and backing vocals.  The artist has worked across the UK, Australia and New Zealand as a live performer and session musician over the last nine years, collaborating across genres from folk through to metal, via Celtic, country and rock.

Is It You? (Hard To Love) is written by Ben P Williams with recording, mixing and filming of the video by Dave Speakman.  The track is mastered by Pete Maher and features Shimna Bridget on violin and backing vocals.

Image of Ben Williams courtesy Sven Eselgroth