Two new exhibitions open at Home Manchester this weekend featuring site-responsive work and multi-media maximalism.

Darren Nixon: Coming soon to your screen (pictured) opens on Friday 9 November, whilst John Walter: CAPSID launches on Saturday 10 November.

Darren Nixon: Coming soon to your screen

The new site-responsive work by Darren Nixon is a large-scale painting over two walls.  It will shift and dance over the course of eight weeks.

Whilst the building is closed, the painting will become film set, rehearsal space and site of performance. The artists will use use this time in the space to explore how time folds into various practices.  They will look at ideas of movement and stillness within painting and animation, performance and film, wall and screen.

The resulting performance will become the basis of a short animated film in collaboration with the Manchester Animation Festival.  It will be screened before the main cinema features at HOME as part of Push Festival in January 2019.

John Walter: CAPSID

John Walter: CAPSID is the latest multi-media maximalist installation by London-based British artist John Walter.  CAPSID is the result of a collaboration between Walter and molecular virologist Professor Greg Towers of University College London.  It presents a compelling, sometimes riotous and often surreal world.

The exhibition uses popular culture to address a crisis of representation surrounding viruses such as HIV by bringing new scientific knowledge about viral capsids to the attention of the wider public.  The exhibition also features the new HOME Artist Film commission, A Virus Walks Into A Bar, charting the journey of a Capsid, or protein shell contained within viruses, that help protect and deliver viruses to host cells during infection. But imagine if this took place in the Queen Vic from EastEnders, standing in for a cell under attack, with a bunch of angry locals as the immune system!

When do the exhibitions run at Home Manchester?

Darren Nixon: Coming soon to your screen runs from Friday 9 November 2018 until 6 January 2019

John Walter: CAPSID runs from Saturday 10 November 2018 until 6 January 2019