Manchester theatre venue The Talleyrand will host a two night run of Cal Jones’ The Conditioning, performed by Jack Lloyd and Cal Jones himself.

The run follows a successful premiere for The Conditioning at Edinburgh Fringe last summer.  The production will now be performed at new theatre and performance venue The Talleyrand in Levenshulme.

The Conditioning is The Talleyrand’s second full-scale theatrical production following December’s The Cocktail Hour.

What is The Conditioning about?

Jim, a young squaddie, finds himself locked in an old warehouse in pitch darkness.  He has no clue as to where he is or why. The space is empty but for the presence of a stranger… another soldier by the name of Spyro.

They are fed rations through the locked door. They follow a regimented daily routine of exercise. As they get to know one another, the cracks begin to show. Jim harbours a terrible secret; civilian deaths weigh on his conscience.

Why are they there? Is there a way out? And how long can they keep going?

When does The Conditioning run at The Talleyrand?

The Conditioning runs at The Talleyrand on 22 and 23 February 2019, 7pm.  Tickets are available via Eventbrite.