Neil Bell presents his original theatre piece The Cocktail Hour at Levenshulme’s The Talleyrand this week.  The production comes after his major role in Mike Leigh’s Peterloo.

The Cocktail Hour has been written by Neil Bell who also directs during its three day run.  Bell is a Manchester theatre dynamo, having directed the Joy Division play New Dawn Fades at the Dancehouse.  He also wowed the Edinburgh Fringe to with The Political History of Smack and Crack.

The Cocktail Hour runs at brand-new performance venue, gallery and beerhouse The Talleyrand in Levenshulme.

What is The Cocktail Hour about?

The Cocktail Hour is an intimate, immersive experience.  It takes inspiration from the ‘lunchtime theatre’ of 70s and 80s Soho.  The candlelit restaurant is both auditorium and stage.  Dinner is served… and on a neighbouring table, Emma and Paul (played by Sue Womersly and Phil Dennison) are on a date.  Bell explains, “Their deep-seated fears and resentments are about to spill out all over the dinner table.  You are compelled to eavesdrop as this flawed relationship becomes like a slow-motion car crash.  Paul has come to a decision. … Emma makes a breakthrough”.

When does The Cocktail Hour run at The Talleyrand?

The Cocktail Hour runs from 20 December until 22 December 2018.  All showings are at 7pm.  Tickets £13 including food from Break Bread Catering.

image courtesy Shay Rowan