The Hara have returned with new single Black Soul Ceremony, which is released today.

The track has been written with Brad Mair who they previously worked with on Circus and their earlier work as a band.

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Black Soul Ceremony started with a Zoom session as guitarist Zack played some ideas he had which led to the development of the riff which is now the focus of the track.  The band continues, “We started the verses purely from mad notes I had in my phone, and a lot of the lyrics you hear in the verse were us wanting to put some really cool, dark lyrics in a song that didn’t actually make any sense at the time! … I remember once we laid down the rough vocals for verse 2, we all had a bit of a mental block with how to approach the chorus.  After a break and some chilled out archery we came back in to the studio, got all the fairy lights on and a couple of beers to get in to the vibe and it just hit us straight away.”

Speaking about the inspirations behind the track, lead singer Josh Taylor explains, “There comes a point in our life where we must free ourselves from all our vulnerabilities, I think there is a lot of beauty in doing so, just being completely undeniably yourself whether people hate it or love it.  This song is our dark and twisted way to celebrate the demon inside, our fears and insecurities without being a prisoner to them.  Instead, understanding who we can be to be truly free of those voices in our head and to kill the person we were told to be.”

The Hara released their EP Play Dead in September 2020.

image of The Hara courtesy Samantha Guess