Brooke Eden has announced her first new music in four years – No Shade, part one of her trilogy of new music and videos.

No Shade will be released on 5 February 2021.

No Shade, along with the other parts of her reintroduction, has been produced by Jess Frasure.  The track was written with Steven Lee Olsen and Brandon Day and marks a play on a break-up song and rediscovery.

“I was talking to someone the day before we wrote ‘No Shade’ and I said, ‘There’s no shade coming your way from me,'” says Eden. “I wrote that down and thought there was something freeing in having no bad feelings toward someone who’s done something bad to you. ‘No Shade’ is about your own self-awareness to take responsibility for yourself and start anew. It’s the perfect song to kick off the new music I am sharing in 2021!”

The three tracks will be released in the coming months, followed by music videos which share glimpses into her musical and personal journey, fitting together as a trilogy.

Brooke Eden – image courtesy Ford Fairchild