Manchester based singer and songwriter Tay Temple is back with her new track What I Need, the follow up to her February release Train.

What I Need finds Tay Temple embracing a slightly darker side as she delivers a track about self-discovery.  The empowering song takes its inspiration from Tay’s feelings of constantly putting herself second.  As she explains “I realised that I was constantly putting my feelings and needs second to people who frankly didn’t deserve the energy I was giving them. I was terrified to stand up for myself because I was convinced that having someone was better than being alone which couldn’t be more wrong. ‘What I Need’ reminds me that sometimes you have to be selfish and that its okay but also that being alone is powerful, knowing how to pick yourself up is powerful, loving yourself is powerful. I’m hoping that this track will help those who are struggling in the same way writing and performing ‘What I Need’ has helped me- We All Heal Our Own Way.”

What I Need pulls through Tay Temple’s signature vocal style which fans will be familiar with from previous tracks Train, Ladybird and Millennials.  But it also offers a twist on her earlier material – sitting in a slightly darker place, finding a home in the melancholy.  “What was I thinking”, she sings, “I was broken and alone”.  Yet the overall message is upbeat as Tay discovers what she needs, putting herself first and finding herself.  It’s a message which will chime with many listeners.  The contrast found within the lyrics works perfectly and works its way in to the music also.  What I Need is an ever-growing piece, evolving throughout its 3 minutes and 22 seconds.  A sparse opening develops throughout the song, leading to intricate weaving of sounds; driving bass and drums are layered with beautiful yet pessimistic guitar melodies, supporting the vocals.  The overall effect works perfectly.

With music venues opening up again, we can’t wait to catch Tay Temple live with a track which has everything needed to become a live favourite