Manchester singer and songwriter Tay Temple is back with her new single Train, which is due for release on 22 February.

The track depicts the solitude she felt when first moving away from home to pursue her music career in Manchester at the age of 16.

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Train marks Tay Temple’s third single.  Following the narrative style of song delivery found in Millennials and Ladybird, the incredibly personal Train sees Tay Temple delving deep into her emotions and feelings.

Speaking about the track, she says, “Train really showcases how terrifying moving away to Manchester at 16 was for me and how the constant traveling back and forth made me feel isolated with no real ‘home’. Although I’ve grown to love the city and the amazing people I’ve met I still get homesick and ‘Train’ is a message to those you love that you will see each other again no matter how long it takes.”

Alongside Tay Temple’s beautifully delivered folky vocals, is some excellent guitar work, complimenting the vocals perfectly and creating a sound which leans on inspirations such as Fleetwood Mac and The Cranberries to deliver an excellent slice of folk-rock.  Overall it’s a deliciously textured piece completed by a balanced, yet driven, rhythm.  With each listen you notice more elements of instrumentation, more intricacies in what is a winning track.

“Never have I felt so lost” she sings, but in Train, this could be the perfect song for new fans to find Tay Temple.

Train by Tay Temple is available to presave now.

You can find out more about Tay Temple on her social media platforms and website.